Thursday, August 16, 2012

Work starts on the extension

16 August 2012: [Extension] We have made a start on the house extension. We got Building Regs approval in the post in the morning, and the builders started the same day. The extension is very 'minimum impact', so it has a shallow raft (with foam surround and aprons to protect against frost and drought.) The extension will put almost zero load on the foundation as it weighs less than 950 kilos including windows and solar panels) and much of its weight is carried by anchor bolts fixed to the brickwork.

Here we have Ken and Adam
excavating for the raft.

3.5 metres to do, 2 metres done
1.5m still to dig.
Bottomed out now, and forming
a compressible foam strip surround,
formwork for the concrete upstand
The Wacker is deployed to get a good flat
Finding the Wacker a bit hard going
in the confined space
So its time for some hand tamping
of the base to get a perfect smooth
Now the concrete being laid by Ken
Adam mixing the concrete in the
front garden
Done for the day, another ton of ballast
arriving in the morning so that the
edge wall can be built up.
Section through the proposed extension.
Every part of it is modelled in 3D, even
the bolts buried in the concrete.

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