Sunday, September 23, 2012

Records will be broken... in the wrong direction :(

22 Sept 2012: The heating season has started already, with two cold days this week. I've been looking at the metering records and in 2011, the heating was not needed until mid-October. During 2011, almost every week, the metering results seemed to be setting new records, and yes, they were. transitioning from a cold to a warm year, you get some amazingly quick improvements in annual performance.
  2010 was an shiveringly cold year with a stiff winter period at each end, and the heating season starting in September. Conversely, 2011 was stupidly warm with no winter periods, double figure temperatures in January, sunny spring and light autumnal weather lasting right through to mid December. Weather like that cannot last... and it has not, we have been punished in 2012 with record rainfall and cloudiness.
   I have to accept that in the autumn of this year of 2012, transitioning from a warm to a cold year, the figures for annual consumption will go higher than I would like.
   The new target is that the GSHP consumption should still be lower than the best or a high average achieved by the PV roof. That was 3,450 kWh earlier in the year, and has averaged 3,300 kWh since the PV panels were installed. The GSHP consumption will go above 3,000 this week, but I am 'desperately hoping' that it will remain below both of those two PV figures - it's needed for me to continue to claim 'Net-Zero' status.

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