Monday, September 10, 2012

Rockery digging as London rocks!

9 September 2012: [Extension] On this last day of the London Paralympics I've spent some daylight hours digging the south rockery away to make a paved area under the new extension. This has to be flattened and made weed proof. The extension could sit above the rockery as it was, but would gradually fill under with dense bindweed or couch grass, so it has to be cleared.

Much of the rockery is ending up in a pile, but they will be used again, elsewhere in the garden.
Unfortunately, our [previously] lovely rockery has to be dug away to allow the new extension to hover above it and not get weedy underneath.
Nearly finished the digging, we are planning a 450mm paving slab line, and 400mm paving slab uprightsThis is a dense weed proof cloth over the soil, as we have plenty of it, it is mostly doubled up.m This is 'Lean construction'! The cloth used to be under the gravel where the extension is to go. Nothing is being wasted.

What an amazing end to the day with this wonderful ceremony in London's Olympic Stadium.
The soil below has been watered to help it flatten down, and this gravel is putting some weight on it overnight. The paving slabs will be bedded on it.

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