Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Woodworking the large sill

9 Oct 2012: [Extension]
Setting out the sill base and building small walls.Meanwhile, preparing the location where the sill will live.
Outer mini-walls now completely cut and positionedCutting foam: we normally use the circular saw to get a completely accurate cut and do it on both sides.
The middle part of the foam can be cut with a hand saw, and the cut face smoothed with a rasp.Now, fitting foam with the minimum of cuts. If this sill is structural, we are putting small mini walls in to provide stiffness in the mid section.
The glue goes in to the box and is spread to every surface.As the foam goes in, it is generously pasted on all sides and faces with glue. Hopefully, while the nylons pull everything tightly together, the glue faces will meet. 
The top OSB surface now goes on, and it's rapid action to get those nylon rods in while the glue is still liquid. Also, screws are driven into all the mini-walls.As soon as possible, the panels are rotated upright, so there is no chance of bowing. The clamps hold it together while the nylons are secured.
The nylons start off sticking out, but can be cut flush. Good job done! Gradual tightening up takes place. All this time there is a major distraction, the wonderful parade through London of the Olympic athletes and the Paralympic athletes. Kept popping in to see the updates, Radio 5 playing in the garden.
This shows that you can't get everything right first time. There are some complicated 3D relationships at 3D junctions, and an angle grinder comes in very useful!

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