Thursday, October 25, 2012

ETFE lifted up

25 October 2012 : (I shall have to retake this photo in daylight, it was taken in the twilight and the picture is very fuzzy).
My daughter has been to stay for a couple of days, so I had some on-site help to get the two ETFE Holscot panels up to the top level of the scaffolding. It required some ropes and good knotwork. We were worried about the light frames blowing in the wind against one of the scaffolding poles and getting punctured (they do look like polythene). After that I had to take her to the rail station to go home, so  additional work will have to be done on it when I get more daylight and some time to work in. They now have enclosing frames, and are dimensionally as accurate as I can make to the previous (existing) fronts. Let's hope these fit when I try them out!

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