Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Surya-4 progress, and PV and batteries

5 November 2012: As I am part time at the University, I have taken the last two Mondays off to get on with work on the extension or the solar installation.

Before starting work, I had to take a trip to Nottingham Business Park, via Aspley.
   While passing through I noticed a large amount of PV, including this splendid roof on St Margarets Church, Aspley. Very neatly installed, and clearly doing a service for the community, whilst making some profit for the church too.
    If a large roof faces perfectly south like this one, take the opportunity to provide clean energy!
I had a helper for the day. Douglas is from Curitiba in Brazil. He is one of my Tall Building students and is also looking for some part time work, so I offered him a day's work, helping out on the roof and the construction of the Surya 4 Sunbox. It is larger than its predecessors, so it helps to have two people working on it.Darkness descends so quickly at this time of year, so we didn't finish it within daytime, but good progress was made, and I was able to nearly finish the main box later after it got dark, using my helmet lamp.
  We will be using metal radiators, and they are very heavy! Makes me wish I was doing it with more swimming pool panels.

I was surprised and happy to have Nigel Vincent turn up from Goodwolfe Batteries and deposit some remaindered Sanyo NICAD batteries on my doorstep. It is up to me to use them if I want, and I will try to link them to the old broken-but-repaired PV panel that I got two years ago. Neither of us are sure how many amp-hours are represented by this lot - there are 4 packs of 21 batteries, and they have to be organised in a grid so that the voltage is still 12 volts, but the total capacity is optimised.

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