Monday, December 31, 2012

Extension gutter finished

31 Dec 2012: Windy and blustery conditions, always threatening to rain (and did occasionally), and I completely finished the slating on the East wall, so I hope I won't have to bore you with it again. The only bit remaining is the slating below the large south window.

This is near the final stage of getting the gutter up. The hopper is attached to an aluminium bracket that I designed and made from bits in my metal scrap box. I wanted the fixing to be as discrete as possible, and it is held into the wall with an anchor bolt.

Here is a closeup of the hopper bracket, (right) and i also had to make a thin suspender (left) that can hold the downpipe bracket, that can fit behind the slate. This is the first fix of the gutter (photo taken in daylight), but sadly, the downpipe turned out to be not quite vertical. Therefore I had to take all the upper corner slates off again and shift the metal suspender 10mm to the left. It is now vertical - done in the dark!

Hooray, this is the very LAST slate on the East wall, that tucks neatly under the aluminium verge. 


  1. Even though the gutter doesn’t look that much, the good thing is that it’s still functional! Well, it really doesn’t matter whether the gutter is big or small, as long as it can do its function, and provide the house a way to divert water from spilling over the foundation.

    1. It also reduces the risk of Frost damage to the foundation. I am adding some horizontal insulation to be hidden below the path gravel, east and west of the Extension, to make us safe from frost heave below the raft foundation.


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