Saturday, February 2, 2013

Insulating the edge

Sorry that this is so dark, it seemed like a
workable level of daylight, but the
camera thinks otherwise! It's the only
record I have that it was done!
2 Feb 2013: Sunshine most of Saturday, and it was a PV-maximum day, by far the best of the day - the combination of strong sun and cold air temperatures is always good.
   Although the day was marred by Forest losing 2-1 at Birmingham, I got some maintenance done - insulated pipes within the Sunbox-4. The alternative is to paint them black so that they pick up solar heat.
       I added a 'bonnet-stay' to the sunbox so I can work in there safely.
      Then as it was getting darker, I installed the ground level insulation alongside the concrete slab of the extension. This is to protect against frost heave in a very severe long cold spell.

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