Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Insulating the foundation (2)

24 Feb 2013: There's one small job required before we sign this off with the building inspector, and that is the thermal insulation alongside the ground floor slab - protecting the ground below from temperature variations. We could have frost heave in a prolonged freeze or settlement in a prolonged drought - totally unlikely in the Nottingham climate by the way.
    There's so much insulation above the slab that no helpful heat from the house would defrost the ground. The slab is alongside the main house-wall, and the undercroft below the house is always a bit warm. So really, this is just a detail for perfection - but it's on the drawings and must be done! Here is me digging out the clay.
   The white stuff is not snow, it's small balls of polystyrene that come from the vertical edge insulation. 
I've dug down to a good flat bottom now and it's time to place the insulation.Insulation is in place and as it gets darker, I backfill and tamp down, making it level with the path. 

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