Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Improved flow to Tubes heat exchanger

10 July 2013: This is ironic after mean and dispirited things I wrote only a few weeks ago about the Evacuated Tubes. But at this time, when the two Surya panels are closed off waiting for my repair, the valving and circuit design allows the Tubes to continue working, and they are doing splendidly.
   A bit of determination to fix it has fixed it! New pump is working well, and on Monday, I replaced the flexible tap connectors with normal 22mm piping - reducing all restrictions on flow, other than the actual heat exchanger itself. This means that the position of the H/exchanger is fixed, but it hasn't needed moving for a year.
   I still believe that a low temperature collector is more effective for solar earth charging. They really only seem to do anything when there is direct sunshine. But when the sun shines and the tube circuit is not working, the tube manifold temperature rises to dangerous levels, like 135ÂșC, and I don't want an exploding steam engine in my loft!

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