Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Restart the tubes

The wiring includes an energy meter (middle),
the Kingspan solar controller (bottom) and
a 3 switch 2-gang light switch which allows me
to force things on and off. Actually, I could
do with another switch plate for some other
control functions.
1 July 2013: My main problems with the Varisol Tubes are flow rate and airlocks. This was all complicated by the loss of liquid caused by the leak in the main Surya3 Sunbox.
    I've done some plumbing and electrical work in the last few days, and got them working again. Perhaps they can be brought back into use.

1. I removed a check valve to improve flow through the heat exchanger (that works). I put it there to stop 'improper' flow when the more powerful flow from the heat pump is working, but this risk no longer applies.

2. Modified the wiring so that I can force the pump to come on (so that I can check flow rate and working action) - partly done, right->
3. Refilled the system on both sides of the exchanger with fresh liquid so that it can run - and gradually work the airlocks out. I don't have an airlock remover at the highest point of the tubes circuit, but regular pumping around does seem to remove them gradually. I need a sunny day with both pumps working to be sure it works.

By the end of the day, I had a new reading on the energy meter!! Looking at it working now, I wonder why it seemed so difficult before!

The copper heat exchanger is contained inside that block
of pink insulation below the pipework.

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