Monday, January 27, 2014

January 2014 Reports

27 Jan 2014: I have got behind with issuing performance reports, and for that matter, bits of world news. Sorry! My wife was in hospital from Dec 31st to Jan 14th, so for that time, the power consumption was reduced (weather was warm, so no heating required), and since she returned, I am required to run the house at a higher temperature for longer hours, so the consumption will rise. The weather has been windy and rainy, but we still have not had a cold period.

As of 12 Jan 2014:
  • House annual 5,215, biennial 5,334 kWh. 
  • GSHP annual 3,158, biennial 3,308 kWh, triennial 3,076 kWh. 
  • PV annual 3,107, biennial 3,072 kWh, triennial 3,178 kWh. Steady....
  • Sunbox annual 3,507, biennial 2,975 kWh. 
  • Ground Temperature 11.1ºC - rising a bit.
As of 26 Jan 2014:
  • House annual 5,134, biennial 5,327 kWh. 
  • GSHP annual 3,106, biennial 3,306 kWh, triennial 3,067 kWh. 
  • PV annual 3,133, biennial 3,072 kWh, triennial 3,179 kWh. Steady....
  • Sunbox annual 3,566, biennial 2,991 kWh. Still staying above 3,500!!
  • Ground Temperature 10.5ºC - steady. 
Worldwise... it was the 30th birthday of the Apple Macintosh.... Syria is having a grand conference in Geneva. Kathryn Findlay (architect) and Roger Lloyd-Pack (actor) died.... and my Granddaughter Mia Rose Dring was born!

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