Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2014 Reports

15 June 2014: It has been a dry June so far with negligible rain. I'm glad to have 300litres of water storage for the garden.
  • House annual 4,819, biennial 5,120 kWh. Stabilised....
  • GSHP annual 2,770 biennial 3,098 kWh, triennial 3,056 kWh. Steady
  • PV annual 3,136, biennial 3,111 kWh, triennial 3,127 kWh. (Higher than GSHP)
  • Sunbox annual 4,329, biennial 3,499 kWh. Rising, when will it level off?!
  • Ground Temperature 13.6C - levelled off, but I hope it exceeds that sometime this year.
Worldwise, it is the World Cup in Brazil and Spain is out after losing twice, England has one more chance to stay in. Islamic Sunni extremists called ISIS, originating from the anti-Assad rebels in Syria, have taken over Northern Iraq and are trying to make a unified Caliphate of Syria and Iraq - and they are executing Shias. US and Iran are now looking for ways to cooperate against them. The only effective retaliation against ISIS has come from the Kurds. Britain declares ISIS to be a huge threat because of the potential for jihadism spreading in the UK, but forget that the official Foreign Office position on Syria is to support ISIS in Syria (and nearly instigated military action during 2013 against Assad). Spain's King has abdicated and Felipe becomes king on the same day that Spain are out of the world cup. Comedian Rik Mayall and US writer Maya Angelou died. It was the 70th anniversary of D-day and the last verterans likely to make the celebrations went over to Normandy to see the memorial ceremonies. 

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