Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another project coming on, the vertical revolving farm

12.11.14: oh dear, I feel the urge to make things! This time I have bought a 210 Litre barrel from B&Q and will make a vertical revolving farm out of it.

It sits here in the kitchen, waiting for the cutting to begin ha ha
This is where the idea comes from, the Garden Tower Project. But.... they don't sell outside the US and Canada.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More on Watering of Vertical farm

5 November 2014: The vertical watering system is complete and working well. So much rain falls in the winter that the valve needs to be closed most of the time, and when I detect that there is some need to water, I can open the yellow valves briefly. The water trickles down through the bottles.

As I accumulate more bottles, the farm is growing. The ideal mix is onethird Perlite, onethird Horse manuee and onethird potting compost.

There needs to be differential control of left and right, so the red and blue valves allow this.

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