Wednesday, August 3, 2016

3rd August 2016: The vertical farm on the garage wall has dried out in the long hot summer. The pipe system works, but tends to silt up in the long dry spell and then needs each hole pricking out when the rain returns. I was in China for 2 weeks at the start of July, and nobody kept it watered, so everything that survived had bolted.

Here is the upper part of the wall, and when it rains, the eaves and gutter do not allow free rain to land on the containers. So we need a louvre to direct rain to the containers, but not cut out daylight. I have enough second hand structural polycarbonate lying around.

Here are four brackets for the louvres, all made from scrap aluminium section and polycarbonate. The only new bits are the rivets. The louvre will be bolted and hinged to the brackets.

The brackets are now riveted to the louvres

Anchor bolts into the wall, and put up the first one.

Anchor bolts for the second one, and up it goes, making an adjustment for the brick corbel. Test it out with a watering can and all works well. Now sit back and wait for rain.

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